Thursday, January 1, 2009

When Mila ATTACKS !!

Styrofoam Bowls... Look out !

I feed the kitties soft food every once in a while for a treat, I use styrofoam bowls so I don't have to wash them. Sometimes I forget to throw them away right after the cats are done, and this is where my plan went wrong...

I find bowls all over the house, under the table, in the bedroom, under the chairs, and down the hall, pretty much EVERYWHERE !!

Milakoshka is a little turd ball. She bites and carries these bowls all over. AND makes quite a bit of noise while doing this !! I really hope this is a phase, like maybe she is teething? I hope !

DIE BOWL , DIE !!! Grrrrrrr.



Preppy Pugs said...

She's a funny little kitty. Our dogs would probably do that to if we fed them in containers they could carry around. Especially Winston who has this paper fetish right now.

Everycat said...

Oh Mila, I hope you don't read what your Mom just called you!

We think you should be allowed to kill the bowl as much and as often as you like. Sometimes humans are weird and don't want us to play with the "toys" that we like best.

Humans are silly

Whicky Wuudler