Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who Says Cats HATE to Ride in Cars ??

Mila on the dashboard (anti-skid mat )

Every cat I have ever had, has never had a problem riding in cars. Smokey, my 20 year old Siamese mix girl, ( who passed away in Jan 08 ) didn't mind riding in the car. Smokey usually slept in my lap or on the back seat. We also travel 4 1/2 hours to visit family (2 to 6 times per year), she made the trip with us every time. I got all my cats used to riding in the car while they were young, so that might have something to do with why they handle it so well . Click on the link below to see photos of Smokey, she was truly beautiful, and we miss her everyday !

Now, I have 2 Siberians, & Mishka absolutely loves riding in the car. The only thing that makes it difficult to travel with Mishka is.... that from a very young age she climbed on my right shoulder and went to sleep while in the car. It was really cute when she weighed 3 pounds. She now weighs over 14 pounds and still wants to ride on my shoulder. Kinda hard to drive holding a 14 pound cat !!

I took Mila on a car ride today. She loves to ride in the car as well. She likes all the movement happening out the windows , cars driving by, leaves falling, pretty much everything ...

Here are some photos I took of Milakoshka in the car today.