Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Will I ever learn ???

In acknowledgement of Winston's addiction confession, I here by post my addiction as well...

I.... Zateynik *(BJ) also have a problem with paper products, such as paper towels, toilet paper, bubble envelopes and maxipads!! * = AKA:

I offer the following photos as proof.

The very first Victim... Purple Maxipad.... RIP

Next Victim, Bubble Envelope ......... RIP

I ordered Kitty Treats by Mail. Can you guess which of the two envelopes had the treats in it? Hummmmmm ?

Third Paper Product Victim ( Ooops, I meant Victims )

3 Rolls of TP........ RIP !

I wonder who did this?

Next Victim. Paper Towel Roll....... RIP.

And then there is more of these ... RIP.

Yesterday morning, I found this on my bedroom floor. Will I ever learn to lock these in a cabinet?