Sunday, December 14, 2008

I've been DISSED !

My baby Milakoshka and my boy BJ have Dissed me ! I was away for a family emergency for 5 days, and I am being completely ignored by these two :(
Mishka was lucky enough to come with mommy because she is on a special diet that requires my attention. So BJ and Mila were left at home in my awesome husbands care. But he works during the day, and they have never been alone that much before. Now that I am back, they could care less. :(
My first night home, I had no kitties laying on me in the bed either. I usually have at least two. I hope with lots of love and treats, I will soon be in their good graces again.
Mishka, Mila, & BJ's Sad Mommy.

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